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Thanks for the input 3.0charlie :)

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Don't be cheap on the Tygon tubing - nothing can be worse than missing 6 inches to close the loop. I know, it happened to me on my first WC set-up. Buy 10 feet.

Aside from the rad, all components have their fittings - the correct size? Just double-check. Also, the Swiftech pump has 7/16" fittings. 1/2" tubing will work, but it's a pain to install. Make sure you boil water and dip the hose ends for 30 seconds before installing them.

For the price, you have a very nice set-up!


PS. What will you be using to cool the NB?
I'll add a second length of Tygon - I rather suspeted 5' wouldn't do...
Ahhh, I didn't realize the swiftech had 7/16". Does a bath in hot water shrink the tubing?
I have 2 Antec Spotcool fans 1 for the NB and one for the RAM
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