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Default Top mount radiator - what would I need?

I've seen some pics here where the H20 radiator was mounted on the top of the case. I did several searches on google and didn't hit paydirt so I thought I'd ask here

From pics I've seen it seems like it would be fairly easy.
1) I'd need to drill enough holes for stand-off screws to hold the radiator suspended in place.
2) Dremel out an opening for power leads to the fans (I'm thinking a tripple rad)
3) Dremel out 2 openings for the in/out H20 tubes to access the RAD.

Can anyone shed some light for me or direct me to a site with a guide?

I have a steel Thermaltake Armor case and I might have trouble woking with the space at the top of the case but I think I can manage.
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