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Default which one, and can i move it ?

:help: hey guys.
i'm starting to piece my pc together and i've got a couple of questions.
on the Antec 900, from the top I/O i have an "AC'97" connector and an "HD Audio" connector to choose from.if i'm understanding the manual right, i should be selecting the "HD" connector, as i want to use the front ports as well. right ?
which one do i choose?
also, as it's coming from the top, if i connect it to the "Front Audio Connector" as per the 680i manual says, the cable comes across the mobo (diagonally) almost taut. right across the pci-e slots and all.
now i see there's another serial connector on the bottom right side of the mobo that doesn't have any specific id to it. can i use that one instead ? or am i bound by the other one?
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