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Realistically any WC setup will work well provided you use proper parts and stay away from the gimicky stuff. Beyond that it depends on what you're trying to acheive, either good silent cooling or best cooling for maximum overclock. Bigger rads are always better so get the biggest you can fit. If you want coolest temps then slap some screaming high rpm fans on the rads and if your after silence then some undervolted low rpm fans on a big rad will give great performance for almost no noise. Unless you're after every last degree C then any rad should work well, the swiftechs are cheap, and at the other end of the spectrum are the primochills. The real world performance difference (comparing similar sizes) between the two are not going to net any significant differences, again it depends on what you want to acheive. Same with pumps, the swiftechs are powerhouses but their units usually require add on parts to make them accept standard barbs and/or acheive better performance. I use a pair of the DD CPX-1's. Not the same performance of other pumps but they are SILENT which is a priority for me... and they are 'good enough' to acheive pretty good performance in single block loops. Yes a bigger pump would get me better temps but I'd bet it's only a degree or few but I don't care... but to some that would matter.

Nevermind the so called 'beginer' setups and just get a proper one. It will work better and you will be able to carry most if not all of it onto your next upgrade.
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