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Default Crimping but without the crimping tool?

I found a great tutorial on youtube to reattach a RJ45 head on a cable that I had damaged when I was trying to get it through a small hole in the wall. The head became stripped and I think some of the contacts came loose when I tried to get it through the wall with some pliers (STUPID MOVE ON ME). The hole was just too small and I forced. Now I have to repair the cable, but I don't want to buy the crimping tool because I will likely only have to do this once, so it's not worth the $10-$20 to get the tool. when I could just buy another cable for $10.

So, before I go out and buy another cable, is there a different tool that I can use that will evenly dispense weight on the head when crimping?

I though some of you might have a way to rig up a cable without the necessary tools...

Thanks in advance!

YouTube - Make yourself a CAT5 Cable (high quality & close up)
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