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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
I was just stating the facts, like I said SD contents going to look better on the Sony than the Samsung, also since the Z series is a top end model, so its missing no features that the Sammy would of had. The comment about Sammy's having better features really only applies to the(Sony's) V series and below, the W, Z, and XBR's being Sony's top end models, are just as well, if not better than the Samsung's.

Again, its only with the V series and below(the price range most people look at), that the Samsung's are typically more feature filled. Once you go further up the ladder(W, Z, XBR, in that order), that they really become so evenly matched that it really comes down to personal preference. Regardless of the Samsung vs Sony argument, you made a REALLY good choice with the Z series.
Yipee! Now I just have to ship that from the store on Leslie and Hwy 7 to my house which is like a 10 min drive.....

I posted this on the AVS forum, but do you guys think we can do it safely by putting in the the back seats of our Volvo S70? I heard it should fit in a BMW M3 with the rear seats folded down, and that the best way to transport LCD TV is by keeping it upright.
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