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I am talking about this one
This one at NCIX are all gone! but they do come on sale for $15 after MIR

Whats wrong with using Future shop bought PC?

I was able to play oblvion iv with an x1650pro AGP (1024x768) on an P4 2.6ghz a cicero bought from futureshop in the 2002
Frames per second? for casual gamers those things don't matter, as long as the game is smooth and playable thats all it matters

I think a $20-$60 is really reasonable upgrade just to play a few games Till you decided to get a new PC

And with Diablo III, we all know blizzard all too well. They always delay there games in like i dont know 5 year or so
And what ever happen to starcraft Ghost mostly Dropped
They said Starcraft II is coming out in the 2009 but when you look at there site theres so little updated data available.

But i recommend you go get a ati 2600 at here for $60 or if you can find a cheaper somewhere else. Although 8800gs is the best choice for the budget gamer and it requires 400W power on full load

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