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Originally Posted by freaked View Post
isn't it that the way esata/usb works? i mean with (e)sata you can only connect 1 device per sata plug vs usb where you can daisy chain pretty much what you want as long as every device has enough power.
I think you need a 'port multipier' to see more than one drive. From the review AKG did of the Sans Digital Mobilestore;

"In JBOD mode the enclosure hard drives will show up as 2 separate drives under USB but only one drive will be seen and be usable when using eSATA. This is because you need a port multiplier (sold separately) for you computer to be able to see and access more than one array per eSATA/SATA cable."


"Please Note: This is a common trait that many dual bay eSATA enclosures share and is more the fault of the eSATA standard than that of the manufacturer. For this reason this wonky behavior can not and will not be held against any enclosure that exhibits it. If we ever test an enclosure that does not exhibit this behavior and in fact has a built in port multiplier we will make sure to highlight this for you."

Check the review here:
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