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My System Specs


SSC (Super Super Clocked)
FTW ( For The Win)

216 Core Shaders vs 192 Core Shaders

Thats pretty much it, as for the OC'd versions, each Card has been tested to that particular level of Clock / Memory speeds, therefore they are "guarenteed" to run at that particular speed and as the product version increases with Clock / Memory speeds (and cost) so does the chances of the Card OC'ing to higher speeds (no guarentees on the OC's, but as you spend more you increase your odds).
I personally have owned a GTX 260 (192 Core) FTW Edition and now 2 x GTX 280 SSC Editions and both OC very well...not much effort getting all 3 Cards to 720 / 1475 / 1260 (2520). Now, with that said some folks have had the same luck with OC'ing these Cards to these speeds and some folks have not. Some folks have had luck OC'ing to these speeds with Vanilla Cards and some have not had any luck with OC'ing at all.
My philosophy, if you can afford it (the extra $30 - $60 general difference in Editions) and you don't want to be dissapointed with the OC...then go for it! In all cases with myself, the 260 FTW and the 280 SSC's were on sale.....I likely would have gone with the 280 FTW's if they had been available but they weren't and in hind sight, my SSC's OC'd perfectly!
I can't see much justification for buying anything over the BFG GeForce GTX 260 OC Maxcore 590MHZ at NCIX currently at $225 (sort of) = $250 (AR) which includes a $25 gift card.
That statement is very much irrelevant to what Always was asking.....not everyone will "settle" for a particular Card, there are always going to be folks that want more speed. Along with that statement you could say that you don't see any need for Core I7, GTX280's, 4870x2's etc etc etc...
I'm so close to buying a EVGA 260 216 FTW edition but really I'm a bit confounded by the naming scheme. Should I wait for this new 55nm or just buy the FTW edition now seeing the price is around $340.
Thats a great choice and a great won't be for the new 55nm....imo....just another product to further "confuse" the masses
Folks have been claiming that the 55nm will yield lower Temps, therefore yield higher OC's, however, my experience with the 65nm Cards has shown me that the Cards ability to OC is not hindered by Temps, but simple instability at higher OC's, even at normal operating Temps. I find my present OC's are fine and really don't have the desire to go higher. Personally I wouldn't get to "hot n horny" for the new 55nm Cards, if you can find a decent price on the 260 Core 216 FTW...go for it....keep in mind that the new GTX3xx Series will likely make their debut sometime in Spring 09, they will definitely be Cards worth looking at for potential upgrade!
Hope this helps!

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