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Originally Posted by freaked View Post
isn't it that the way esata/usb works? i mean with (e)sata you can only connect 1 device per sata plug vs usb where you can daisy chain pretty much what you want as long as every device has enough power.
That could be... I've contacted Thermaltake and asked them if they know what is going on. They responded to me once asking for more details... so I'm waiting for their second response.

(I had assumed the enclosure itself has some form of built in controller, that would allow both drives to be detected via the single esata connection, but now that you mention it, it would make sense if only one drive would be available in Linear mode.)

So I'm now thinking that the odds are, if I changed my enclosure to be Raid 0 or 1, or even as "Big" (the setting that combines the two HDD's as one), then the controller inside the enclosure would likely take advantage of both HDD's.
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