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So far I'm having a problem using esata with Thermal Take R-Duo enclosure.
(The enclosure is set to Linear, with 2 different sized drives in it). When using USB it works fine, and both drives show up. But when using esata, I can only see/use one of the drives. Also, when using esata connector, I can turn the enclosure on, and Windows will show it, but there is no "unmount / discconect" icons for me to use before powering it off.
Tried installing the "Intel Matrix Storage Console" but still only shows the one drive when using esata. I'd really like to get the esata connection to work.. but currently have to use the usb : (

My system: P5Q Motherboard, Intel Q6600 cpu, Windows Vista 32-Bit, esata connected via a pci-bracket (which is connected to a SATA connector on the motherboard. SATA is set to AHCI in bios.
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