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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Go for it.....

And as someone who has been purchasing nVidia products for the last number of years I can assure you that the Warranty isn't the only reason I purchase these products, in fact, its the least reason I purchase these products. With that said you are entitled to your opinion....
Its okay to admit your a fanboi , God knows I do.

ATi card's don't have any more issues than nVidia cards do, in fact until very recently (8.8 and before) ATi's drivers were much better and more stable in general than nVidia's IMO. That being said however, I will agree that ATi's driver quality has gone down from what they were at one point, but the issues that do crop up are fairly limited. I do think that they could use another run through QA, and that this monthly release timetable is killing them. Frankly, the fact that anyone should encounters an issue, regardless of vendor(ATi or nVidia), is unacceptable in my eyes.

Who knows, If ATi keeps slipping on the drivers, maybe you'll see this ATi fanboi, going nVidia 3xxGTX series, just like I did with a 8800Ultra(loved that GPU). I may be a fanboi, but I'm not a blind one.

Also, I still love you rjbarker, even if you are a nVidia fanboi.
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