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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
No, actually its simply the fact that it is a better product, better SLI support (vs Crossfire, as in mature) and far more superior Drivers and support for the Drivers. I've never had to use the Warranty of any of thier products since switching to thier products almost 6 yrs ago! I am actually surprised of the number of ATI users their atill are considering the "issues"...hardcore man...if nVidia was as plagued with these issues as ATI I would have jumped off the bandwagon years ago.....then again their are die hard Maple Leaf and Canucks Fans arent their.....just keep hoping...

For almost $800 this Card should produce 3D imaging with touch n smell perks on my Desktop...ouch..nice price.....although now that it is "second" again, perhaps the price will fall to what it should be, around $450 - $500.

Please elaborate on this "mis-information" is a well known fact that the Warranty is not what is the other "mis-information"? And personally I feel Evga manufactors a far better quality component than XFX.....sorry boys, I was gonna go XFX way back when I purchased my 8800GTX, unitl I started reading all the Posts on various Forums re: the issues with the XFX 8800GTX Cards and the fact that 2 buddies Cards were hooped after 2 months.
Should we avoid the fanboi or have fun with him???

In vista, especially 64bit, ATI's drivers are better vs nVidias

Card failure rates are probably similar ATI vs nVidia, though honestly, I have read more nVidia horror stories recently

I'm sorry but nVidia's products are not much better than ATIs and it is mainly the warranties that people buy nVidia. Which would you pick a card that has a life time warranty and known good support or a company with no warranty and crap support overseas.
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