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My System Specs

Default Whats my best option

Alright I've got quite a few video cards and 3 systems that I like to always keep running :

1 is mine and is mostly used for gaming
2 is my wifes and is mostly used for music and browsing and the odd game here and there for herself or kids
3 is my kids (mostly my son who is young but plays tons of games) I also use this machine as a download machine.

my question is whats my best option video card wise!

1 : Palit 8800 GT Sonic 512MB
1 : Diamond 3870 512MB
2 : Zotac 9600 AMP 512MB
1 : KFA2 9600 GT OC 512MB
2 : 8800 GTS 320MB

I do have the option on my machine (the gaming one) to use SLI as well as one of the other machines All are running atleast 2GB of RAM, can run Vista or XP (x86 or x64) and CPU's are the following
AMD 9850
AMD 6000+
AMD 4200+

Thanks in advance for any advice on what my best setups would be graphic card wise!
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