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Default Auzentech Prelude question


Got a question for Prelude owners (and others).
The only usable PCI slot on my motherboard is placed right above the PCI-E slot for the graphic card, so Ive been worried if it could be a problem to fit a Prelude in, especially considering the small heatsink on the x-fi chip.
I havent been able to find any measures of the cards height.

My MB is Asus P5Q-E, would post a link to a picture of it, but I can do that since this is my first post it seems :D See post below.

The lower PCI slot is sadly taken out by the GPU cooler, so only the top one is an option.

Well, my question is, should there be enough room for the Prelude to fit in? And could there be any problems having it so close to the GPU (like static noise in the sound)?
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