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It's a Q6600, and I'm using MX-2. It appears that the problem is with the MB temp sensor, as I rebooted and then it displayed the temp as -20. It also always starts at 40, which is way above my ambient. I'm installing vista right now so I can use coretemp to see if I really have a problem. I'll update the BIOS and run Prime95 to see if I can unstick it. Should I RMA the board?

UPDATE: Coretemp shows that the CPU is actually running much cooler that the board reports. Cores 0 runs at about 32C idle 45C load (Probably because it gets the most load from single threaded apps/shoddy TIM application), cores 1-3 run at about 26C idle 37C load. Not bad, I'll try to reseat the HSF when I want to OC but I want to leave it be for the time being because I might have bad luck getting that fan back on with the board already in the case.

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