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Default Need help setting up my Xigmatek HSF

Sorry for all the questions this week, but now I've run into some problems setting up my HSF. I booted into the BIOS and the CPU temp was around 40C, which seems a little high. I think the problem is that I used too much TIM. I'm going to spread it this time to ensure proper application; should I spread it on the base, the CPU, or both? Also, I currently have the fan pushing through the heat sink and blowing towards my top fan(In a HAF). Should I point it towards the rear fan instead?

(On a side note: I accidentally tore a chunk of one of the rubber fasteners off while installing the fan. It's okay for now, but it may be a problem if I ever take the fan off. Are there any other fans that come with rubber fastners that I could use to replace it? )
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