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Default Tons of hdtvs, no clue which to choose

These are a bunch of the tvs on sale at fs and bestbuy for boxing day, only included the ones under $1000 since thats my budget but it may be worth checking tem out yourself too.

Well ill have a budget of around $1000 to buy a new tv on boxing day and cant make up my mind on what to get

At futureshop they have:
Link to flyer Future Shop Boxing Day Sale (Ontario) Page 1

50" Panasonic Viera plasma, 720p, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, $999, model TH50PX75

46" Sharp Aquos LCD, 1080p, 10,000:1 contrast ratio for $999. The model is LC46D64U

40" Samsung 1080p, 20:000:1 contrast ratio for $799, model is LN40A500

Sony 32" LCD 1080p, 25,000:1 contrast ratio for $699, model is KDL32VL140

LG 32" LCD, 720p, model is LG 32LG20

Then over at best buy they have these tvs:
Link to flyer Best Buy Boxing Day Sale (Ontario) Page 01

Samsung 50" plasma, 720p, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, $899, model is PN50A400 (door crasher with 25 per store)

LG 47" LCD 1080p, 15,000:1 contrast ratio for $999, model is 47LG55

Dynex 42" Plasma, 720p, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, $599, model DX-PDP42-09 (saw this on the grad opening sale 2 weeks ago and it looked dark and faded compared to everything else)

Toshiba 40" LGD, 1080p, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, $799, model 40RV525U

Sony 40" 1080p LCD, 25,000:1 contrast ratio, $999, model is KDL40V4100

Samsung 37" lcd, 1080p, 30,000:1 cantrast ratio, $699, model LN37A530

These are all the tvs im looking at, im in canada so the sales are likely different than in the states. Basically the only reason im thinking about getting the cheaper ones are so i can get a 360 or ps3 as well. Im really leaning towards the 50" at best buy though. If anyone has any advice on these tvs or owns one and can tell me how good it is that would be great. Id hate to get in line at 4am at one of the stores to find the tv i wanted isnt as good as what i thought and i have to switch stores :(
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