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My System Specs

Default Apex 600W PSU - Fan Mod???

Can I force my PSU Fan to always run at 100% power?

My new components are in my old case. Air Flow is likely "O.K." But I am a big fan of making things "BETTER"

I made a quick sketch of my CPU Fan + heat sink, and my PSU. I indicated the direction of air flow.

I am currently running with the side of my case open. IT would be nice to close it one day for a while.

I do not have any other fans in my case, although I have a SEVERAL extra fans and a couple manual fan controllers. ALSO I am not opposed to modifying / cutting my case if it is REALLY worth while.

I wanted to decide on a good path for the air flow before installing other fans (I wanted to get opinions on the "BEST" Flow for my case)

I do KNOW that I can turn my CPU Heat Sink 180 degree's (not sure If I can turn it 90. Does anyone know? Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 for a Socket 775 Intel)

At 180 a degree rotation it seemed the CPU and PSU fans would fight each other for flow. :(

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks again to everyone for the great site, and even better help
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