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Cool Couple "O" questions 'bout building GigaP45/q9300 today

Built one about 4 years ago; time to up it a notch. Here's some q's

There are 8 Sata ports and 2 "GSata" ports. Should my C-Drive be on the regular or the "G" ????

Got a zippidy-doo-da Arctic Cooler 7 pro cuz the reviews of the CPU said it had a lousy stock heat sinc. Do I REALLY need any heat-grease-goop or is the "pre-greased" grease greasey enough? ;)

The CPU's FSB says 1333 @ 2.5ghz, the GaEp45-ud3p says 1600/1333, got DDR2 1066 RAM. Will the Mobo automagically max the default settings combination, or do I have to dive into the 232,443,952-option bios to tweak it up a bit (if so, I'll cya in the OC forum )
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