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Welcome to the world of aerospace engineering my friend.

What you suggest is certainly possible , but you need to throw out your current idea's about running DI.Here's what I mean :

-'antifreeze' aka ethylene/propylene glycol can't handle Dry Ice , It'll freeze solid.

-Thing's like standard waterblocks and rads will contain several different metals soldered/welded/fitted together.The thermal contraction that happens during a 100 degree temp shift can totally destroy these seals.

-Pumps for watercooling just won't work.they will fail forsure.Same reasons....

I have a worklog here about my attempt at DI cooling.mebbie you've seen it.


I tend to agree with Eldonko.You still have a lot of experiments with watercooling to do.Especially if it's only benching runs you wanna do.

I assume you know what 'open loop' watercooling is ? ( cold water tap into blocks , output to drain.)....Start there .Then try some peltier coolers.I've achived loaded temps of -21c with this method(load side).

Start there.Then you can try pre-cooling an open loop system with normal ice and salt.


If yah just wanna giver , I can certainly understand.

You need to look into building a lot of your own components , and spending cash.

Think 'alcohol loop'....custom pump.


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