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Originally Posted by matsta31 View Post
Coolant wise, you really think the water will go lower than freezing point ? Not sure, but I would not bet on it. If not, why not use some anti freeze ! or a mix with water. Altough, I am not sure your block will like it.

I would also be afraid of condensation around the CPU and GPU.
I'm pretty sure the coolant would be below freezing as dry ice is around -78C. I am mostly worried about the coolant either ruining my water blocks or becoming too thick and damaging the pump.

Originally Posted by magelan View Post
I can't comment on your question but it looks like you're wanting to go extreme. If so, why not simply have an extended water loop and put the radiator inside a fridge or freezer? Of course, you'd have to cover the rad with some kind of plastic or material so it doesn't condense or simply freeze. Way cheaper and easier to do.
From what I've read at XS, trying to use a fridge or freezer will cool very poorly and damage the fridge as they are not meant to have such a high heatload. They are meant to keep things producing almost no heat cool. A computer would pump out 200-300W of heat that the fridge wouldn't be able to cool quickly enough and it would cool no better than putting you rad into an airtight box.
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