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Default Dry Ice and Liquid Cooling?

So after pushing my QX9650/4870 to their limits on water (and stock voltage for the 4870). So since my brother is getting my some soldering equipment for Christmas, I plan to voltmod my 4870 to get some more juice out of it. On hwbot, the top single 4870 score 22512, done with a QX9650 (and 4870 of course) under LN2. Now I can't afford a different pot for my CPU and for my GPU (my current CPU pot has too thin of a base for LN2), nor can I afford a dewar and LN2. So my next option would be just getting a dry ice pot for my GPU and using my current pot for my CPU. But another atleast $100 is still pretty steep for a pot that I might not be able to carry forward. So here comes my idea, I get a bucket deep enough to submerge my radiator completely. Then I fill the bucket with alcohol and dry ice. I would have to replace the coolant for the cooling system with something along the lines of anti-freeze. I think alcohol would get too cold and would become thick which could potentially damage the pump. Then I could either use my CPU pot with dry ice, or just have both my CPU and GPU connected to the rad. How do you think this would work? Would it be able to provide similar level cooling as a dedicated pot? And what type of fluid would be the best to use in the tubing so that it doesn't thicken and damage the pump.

TL;DR... rad in bucket of dry ice + alcohol, connected to cpu/gpu with anti-freeze coolant. Thoughts?
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