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My System Specs

Default Mac and Windows custom built legal computer

Well many of you may not know of this but you can legally build your own mac! With an EFI-X boot processing unit you can easily change from windows, Linux, or Mac but the only down side is you have to have compatible mac hardware.

A little more about the EFI-X chip.

Revolutionise your digital lifestyle easily and securely.
    • BPU on USB internal 10-1 pin (with extended size)
    • Online updates of EFi- X firmware
    • Interactive system boot selector
    • Easy selection of HD or DVD or Flash based media
    • Update your system with official Updates
    • ESD and EMI Protection (With Proper Grounding)

The EFi- X USB device is the ultimate device for all those who dream about a flawless multi-OS environment on PC. It bridges the gap between the OS worlds. Also, it provides the unique ability to recognise all the components of your PC and select your favourite operating system directly from a graphical, intuitive boot screen.
Dont change your habits and your life for a computer - this should never be the case. Instead, let the EFi- X USB device adapt the functionality of your PC to improve the quality of your work and life.

EFi- X BPU Exclusive Features Interactive System Boot Selector With Settings Functionality:
Featuring a quick, multifunctional boot selector which provides interactive system boot choice and an easy method to install and start your legally obtained OS. Online Updates of EFi- X Firmware:
Simply update the Firmware and enjoy the new features.
The EFi- X Update tool is a user-friendly Firmware update utility. Using this tool you can update the Firmware directly from any OS you are using. You can update your Firmware in only a few clicks without enduring any complicated steps.
EFi- X Firmware Selector:
Simply select a new Firmware from the list when changing or upgrading your mainboard.
Install From An Original DVD:
Insert an original OS DVD in to your DVD-ROM and click the DVD-ROM icon in boot selector to start installation.
Run enhanced-from-boot operating systems on your overclocked PC:
Boost your creativity, your dreams and daily tasks in a fully new multi-boot dimension. Start to experience what users have always dreamed of, UNIX stability, unique security protection, no viruses, and the power of your custom turbo charged computer!
Yeah I am being lazy and just copy and pasting lol.
Basically it is super easy to use. Just make sure you have the right hardware then pop in the EFI-X chip then boot. Select the EFI-X chip to be your first boot drive then pop in leopard disc and go have fun.

There are some things you need to know. You must have at least 1 HDD for each operating system if you want to use the EFI-X boot screen. You also could have just one HDD but you have to then use the EFI-X boot screen for Mac or going into the bios and changing boot priority every time to go to a different HDD. So thats why you should choose 2 HDDs.

Next up is the Hardware Compatiblity list. I am not going to copy and paste this because it is a long list.

:: EFIX ::

Note all this hardware is tested to be 100% compatible with the OSX operating system.
There could possibly be other hardware that works too but it is not tested yet. And no Core i7 is not supported yet but it should be soon when ever Apple updates their computers.

Make sure you follow the hardware compatibilty list exactly as you may have problems if you don't. For example I had the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L but I had no working sound but then I re check the website and it said Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 DOH.

One thing that I love is that you can easily upgrade your system when Apple upgrades theirs. Note that Apple has not offical support for any new GPU in the last few years lol. The best is the 8800 Ultra which is still vary good GPU that can play every game at max at lower resolution.

Another thing to point out is that for sound I would choose one of the gigabyte boards because the on-board sound works 100% and you don't need an add on sound card.

My first impression is that the EFI-X will make your boot time 30 seconds longer because first you have to boot you mobo then the EFI-X chip. The EFI-X chip has an amazing Operating selector much better then the DOS screen on windows. The rig I am using for Mac plus Windows is in my sig as 2nd rig. It works 100% with the Store purchased copy of Leopard. Every thing works solid and smooth. Plus I have a much faster computer then any of Mac's current line-up because you can still Overclock your CPU and GPU(GPU Bios overclock) but for Mac you can't. I had some problems with getting windows installed but after awhile all I had to do was make sure that windows was the primary HDD instead of MAC for installation. One thing I love is first of all this is 100% legal and it is 100% compatible meaning I can download updates and do what ever a Mac can do something that illegal versions of Mac couldn't do without the EFI-X.

Somethings I have noticed are that Leopard takes only half the time to install then Vista Does at about 15 minutes from inserting the disk to using the operating system. Then you have all the drivers already installed and you can start doing whatever. For Vista or XP after you have the OS installed you still have to install all those drivers which can take a while.

If you would like to build your own computer that supports every operation system available to consumers then the EFI-X chip is for you. One thing you should know is you wont be able to build a cheap low end mac but you can save A LOT of money on a high end mac like a Mac Pro. Plus it is cheaper then having 2 computers.

There website is..
:: EFIX ::

Store to buy this chip from are...

EFi- X USB V1, efix usb dongle, buy efix usb dongle, buy dongle, buy efix usb, EFI-X Official Online Store

Order Form EFI-X V1

The EFI-X isn't cheap at 200 + taxes and shipping but is well worth it.

There is also going to be a laptop version in the future.

Some other usefull reviews are...
YouTube - An EFiX Boot Device unboxing and abbreviated walk-through.

Review: EFiX Dongle Perfectly Transforms PC to Mac

The EFI-X is still pretty new but there are firmware updates comming regularily adding new features. Like better boot screen ram that can go over 800 mhz, etc.

Well hopefully you can read all this because I suck at reviewing and maybe there will be a few more Mac's in this forum!

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