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I second n7's comment, probably something with the board that's why the RAMs will not reach it's rated speed.

I played with the P45-JR and when I have it with BALLISTIX 1066 I have to change the RAM setting (333/667 to 400/800 or vise-versa) after default, 400fsb and I believe I did too at 450 and 550fsb, I just can't remember exactly. The board also have a fsb hole (e8400) at 410 to 449(?)fsb which I don't have with the Biostar board I am using right now. So my suggestion is to play with the memory settings and you might have to change the GTL setting to 0.63 or .61 and also the Skews. So many BIOS options.

Nonetheless, that is a very good 100% OC result.

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