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Default Rosetta @ Home - Setup Guide

Alright then, I've seen this asked many times, and it seems that there is no simple to follow guide out there. While setting up BOINC is relatively painless and easy, there still seems to be some who need a bit of help on how its properly done. So I decided to create an easy step by step guide(with photos!) for all interested, but not yet crunching members.

Being this easy, theres no excuse not to crunch!

Lets get started.
First download and install BOINC from here

Once finished, just run the installer, and follow the on screen instructions. Leave everything at their default settings. Once finished you will get a warning that you need to restart, hit finish and then Ok/Yes to restart. Ensure your ready to restart beforehand

Once restarted, you will be greeted with a window that looks like this, just hit next

After a second or 2, a list of all available projects will be presented to you, just scroll down until you find Rosetta@home, then select it, and hit next

Now its going to ask you if you have a user account or not, I will assume for the purpose of this guide, that you do not. Simply fill in your email address and input a password of your choosing

So now your done installing it! Hit finish and lets get on with the next step, adding a team!

After you hit finish it will automatically bring you to this web page, just fill in the information however you'd like and hit ok

Okay, so now it will bring you to this page where you can search for a team to add, simple fill in the information like below for the HardwareCanucks team

Once you hit search it should bring up something like this, if you filled out the information as above HardwareCanucks should be first, simple select/click in the name to go forward

It should now bring you to this page, simply select/click "Join this team"

Your now done! You've joined the HardwareCanucks team! It will bring you to your account information page, feel free to change or fix anything here, such as your preferences, profile and etc

Now that your done, you can leave it at that, but we don't like leaving things alone now do we? Hit "Advanced View" at the bottom right of the manager

It should now change into this(IMO better) view in which you have much more control at your fingertips. Feel free to look around, there's some interesting things to be had and seen here, but the main tab we will be looking at today is the "Tasks" tab. This will show you what your working on, how many jobs you have queued, if any of them failed, etc.

Now that your done playing around, go to Advanced and then Preferences

It will bring you to this, or similar window. What follows next are, and I do stress, are NOT REQUIRED, but rather RECOMMENDED settings to change. First of all go to the Network Usage tab, and change the Additional work buffer to something larger, most of us here have it set to 3 or more days. One note I must make though is that if your computer is not on much(such as a laptop), or a slower computer(Pre-P4/AXP), I would keep this value lower(1 Day or so) to prevent WU's from not being completed before their deadlines.

Next we move onto the disk and memory usage tab, once again I stress that these are NOT REQUIRED, but rather RECOMMENDED settings to change. Most people here set both "idle" and "in use" CPU usage to 100%, mainly for the fact that even while crunching at 100% CPU usage, it will yield CPU cycles to it your daily computing and gaming, resulting in no major amount performance loss.

Thats it! Your done, thats all there is to it! Now get crunching and watch that RAC soar!

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