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Originally Posted by -n7- View Post
No way.
Either you have defective Mushkin (highly unlikely), or you have a DFI board that's being retarded (far more likely), as there's no way that RAM cannot do its rated speed.

Likely something to do with straps being funny, or some hidden subtimings magically breaking things...this is precisely why i don't run a DFI board anymore.

I'd post on Mushkin's forums, & Greg will set you up with timings for your RAM, as honestly, something is broken if the RAM cannot do its rated speed, & knowing how much of a PITA DFIs are, it's likely that.

Unfortunately Greg quit his job with Mushkin, or else I would have just bothered him on Steam for some timings.

I have been putting off posting on the mushkin forums, I may just do that this weekend. Maybe one of their other reps are as helpful.
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