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Here are my results, turns out that this Ascent kit does not like anything over 830 Mhz so I turned it down too 820. 3.69 Ghz is a pretty decent OC Considering this chips stock is 1.8 Ghz. I am using an E2200 at work that I am thinking of swapping out too see if I can get one of these super cheap 65 Nm chips too 4.0 Ghz, or I might break down and grab an E7200 and see if it will do 4.5, not too sure yet.

Thanks for the replies, I thought this board was faulty for a little while there

EDITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!: I just started Orthos up too get a "decent" load temop, this was Orthos'ed for 11 hours while I was at work today. I stopped Orthos before I took a screenie when I got home from work too run 3Dmark06 (Scored 14,100 w/o any GPU OC'ing)
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