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Default upgrade

Hi guys,

Im new here. I've been in O/C long time ago ( 2003 to 2006 ) but since start of 2007 i've stopped this because it's take too much $$$.

Now i just play and o/c a little.

My question is: i want to upgrade for a quad core cpu...what do you think it's the best bang for the buck?? and good o/c with air cooling??

Q9X50 look good with is 12mb cache but still around 380$
Q6600 cheap and 8mb cache
Q9X00 6mb cache and not to bad price
Q8X00 only 4mb cache but still 45nm

thx guys.

now im on:

C2D 6850
Asus P5Q-E
2x 2gb G.Skill PC8500
eVGA 9800 GX2
(and alot of old other stuff that i will put on a second system... 4x 1gb D9GMH...8800GTX)
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