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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
I thought the issue was that we want a lower QPI multiplier, keep from hitting the current QPI limits as quickly?
There has been some talk about the ratio betweeen uncore and QPI when overclocking.

Since the RAM to Uncore has to be 1:2
And the theory put forth by dejanh at XS is that Uncore to QPI has to be lower 8:9 (which is 0.89999999999 while it should be more like 0.888333 or something like that)

If you want to run 200 bclk right now, your options are

RAM 8x 1600
Uncore 16x 3200
QPI 18x 3600 (which is just slightly out of the above ratio and is why it causes some instability issues)

So if you could up the QPI to 4000 or 20x, then your ratio is ok and you should be more stable. Right now, the next bump in QPI multi is 22x, which is 4400 and too high. QPI needs to be 4000 or less, I suppose.

In theory. Still working on this one as I don't have good enough cooling yet to test it properly, but it seems to be holding true for me on my rig so far.
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