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Thankfully, Intel are well aware of this fact, and they are working on providing lower QPI multipliers as we speak.
Are you SURE? Because I can't help but think that this has worked out almost perfectly for Intel, giving more determined overclockers a little extra incentive to purchase the higher binned chips.

Overall, very nice review, although I think the gaming benches might have benefited from using a stronger card, instead of the 9800, in that there might have been a little more contrast between the scores. If you can afford this board and CPU, and you're a gamer, you're probably either done with the G92 cards, or you're planning on running a few of them together.


The topmost PCI-E slot? Will it work for any other expansion card? I ask this because the one on my Maximus only seems to work for the bundled sound card, and nothing else seemed to even register to the system when it tried it.

You stated that the three PCI-E slots can be run in either 16x/8x/8x or 16x/16x/1x? Is there a BIOS option/jumper somewhere to force one or the other? Or is it determined only by what's plugged in? I looked, but couldn't seem to see any option in the BIOS screens you provided. Also, in 16x/16x/1x, do you know if all the slots are still PCI-E 2.0? Or is the single slot then getting bandwidth from the southbridge?
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