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I really like the Rampage 2 Extreme, the colour scheme looks really nice and the bios is very well organized and easy to use, especially if you are familiar with Asus boards. Tons of features as well, Probeit is nice for accurate voltage readings and while the Tweakit buttons on the side are rather gimmicky, I do like the big red start button.

Im running my 920 at just a tad over 4 GHZ and it was a breeze to overclock. Had it as high as 4.4, though pushing some major voltage and heat.

I've alse heard good things about the Gigabyte EX58-Extreme from a few friends. I was torn between this board and the R2E, it has some nice features as well. In the end I went with the Asus due to the fact that their boards have always treated me nice and I'm familiar with their BIOS's. I believe the R2E is the highest priced of the enthusiast boards, so if you looking to save $50-$100 go with the Gigabyte.
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