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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Incroyable! OC! OC! OC! Have you tried it yet? I suppose that the promised quadcore bottleneck fix that evga has promised hasn't come out yet (has it?).

I bet that once its been running a while and the tubing has cooled down that it will actually go down in temperature a little. Thanks for keeping us posted- very interesting!

Almost a shame to have all that cooling on the cpu and no extra on the chipset-- I bet that would help-- have you reseated the nb and sb using as5 yet?

Nope they havent fixed that limitation yet :(
Im Oc'd at 30% right now...running ORTHOS max temp i have seen is 26C
im going to redo the WB seat and i will do the NB and SB with as5 at the same time....just need a break from ripping this apart for a while...time to play !
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