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weee update time.

I've done a little more bending on the I/o plumbing nothing photo worthy yet.


I've purchased an aquarium pump to provide air circulation during the final tank sealing process....I will be doing some werk on this over Christmas.


I have my lighting ..., ( not confirmed by testing) .I decided to get a different LED emitter based on the stock situation at luxeon.

I've upgraded to Luxeon III emitters : Luxeon III Emitter LED - Cyan Lambertian, 64 lm @ 700mA [LXHL-PE09]

It's also a different radiation profile ( these are 'Lambertian' , the original ones I wanted were 'Batwing' )......It's ok tho.....these ones should be nice bright cyan spotlights :

I may or may not test them tonight.I'm playing rainbow6 vegas 2.

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .

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