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Default Urgent - Do I have Heat Issues? Please look

Problem solved- see my last post for details

I just built my new computer yesterday in an antec 900 case.

All fans are on HIGH ( x2 in front, x1 in rear, x1 top exhaust)

I am running an ASUS p5q3 Deluxe mobo with a Xeon e3110 chip. I applied a bit of the stock thermal compound (grain of rice sized) and spread it out with my finger inside a plastic baggy. It was a very thin, almost translucent, application. Then I installed my freezer 7 pro without a hitch. Some came off on the baggy.

I am using a program called Core Temp 0.99.3 to monitor the heat, because I wanted to be sure I set the freezer 7 correctly.

At idle, the temps read about 42-43 degrees per core. I downloaded prime95, because I heard it was a good program to make sure things were running the way they should be.

I started it up on default settings, watching my temps. Within about 20 seconds , my temps went from 40 degrees to 95 degrees (well, thats what the reader said). WOW! Is something totally wrong here or what?!

I shut off the program just in case those were the real tempuratures. I did NOT want to fry my new cpu.

SO, what should I do now?

I wanted to check other temp monitor software just in case this one is giving a false reading (oh, I sure hope so.. I dont want to root through my case again). What else can I do?

This is scary :(

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