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Default Assistance overclocking on a DFI LP DK T2RS

Okay, so I am not an utter noob with overclocking, and have been overclocking for ~2 years. It seems I have met my match with this board though, I am not too sure if it is just a bad board, or if I am missing something.

The board: DFI LP DK P45 T2RS
The CPU: E2160
RAM: 2x2GB Mushkin Ascent PC2-8000
Cooling: Triple Swiftech Rad, Swiftech MCP-655, Swiftech Apogee GTX.

It seems that I can not get it stable over 260 FSB. No matter the voltages or tweaking of settings. This CPU Has hit 3.2 Ghz fully stable on a P35 DS3L. The biggest issue I am having is that the computer will freeze during post, which means that I have too reset the BIOS Every single failed try, this happens a lot and I have all but given up. I have increased NB, SB, CPU, and every other voltage individually and none of them will increase stability, RAM is set too auto, and I have never pushed it higher then 900 Mhz.

Any ideas?
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