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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Unfortunately, unless they can show some real performance gains vrs the current crop of intel quads (45nm or 65nm) they're pricing themselves completely out of the ballpark.

Looking at those prices, I think they're competing against the wrong platform by pricing themselves just slightly below i7.
Dec 20 NDA is lifted.

as well, you HAVE TO REMEMBER these are NOT going to be normal pricing. amd, intel, nvidia, ati, any game does this at launch.

i forget who said it (XS member who has been testing) deneb on air o/c has broke all amd W.R. for benches.

i haven't seen it confirmed yet (and if is legit, probably won't be confirmed until the 20th), newest bench i've seen...takes on a qx9770

AMD Phenom II X4 940 (3GHz) outperforms Intel QX9770 (3.2GHz) in 3Dmark Vantage; lost 9% to core i7 - OCWorkbench Forum on Phenom II X4, Investment Tech Lifestyle SEO Investment forum USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, In

basically, if it costs me $400 to upgrade only my processor i'm still coming out ahead.
we all [amd'ers] know it will take a miracle to beat i7. we are not denying that.

there is still AM3 w/ ddr3 and the very slim possibility of the FX return if these turn out good.

amd keeps intel in check. no this probably won't be a amd success like 1st gen X2 was, but it's still going to keep intel's gears moving forward which is what we want.
let the person with the most disposible money lead the way.

quite frankly, from a business perspective, imo what amd has been able to do with as little money for R&D compared to intel is amazing.
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