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My System Specs


With the 4Gb kit you will see approx 3Gb on many systems. The 4GB will not get you much faster, and definitely not twice as fast, unless you fill up all your 2GB of ram. My 4GB kit of ram on my XP setup at home gets about 3GB on XP 32-bit.
Thier is no benefit whatsoever running 4GB in a 32Bit OS...with that said, it won't hurt the performance either (provided you stick to 2 Slots, some Boards are finnicky with all 4 Sots filled), I run 4GB (2 x 2GB) so that I'm prepared for a 64Bit OS when / if I make the jump.
Also good quality DDR800 RAM from OCZ, Mushkin, Patriot, Corsair, etc. will easily be able to make it to at least DDR900.
This is hardly the case...not ALL Memory can OC stable...when it comes to OC'ing RAM, some are better than others, but they are not all guarenteed to OC. I have been unable to run my Mushkin XP 8000 set higher then 1000 Mhz no matter what I have tried...and yes Timings from Mushkin Greg did not help either..its the luck of the draw!

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