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My System Specs


Hard to say where to start helping you but I will only Pickup the parts I can help you on. Everyone else on here will Go with there Specialties!

First off, that case will not work for you. ThermalTake LCS systems are frought with Flaws, that and it is designed for the LGA775 Socket Setup, not the LGA1366 which is the new Core i7 that you have listed. (Correct me if I'm wrong HWC, I am not aware of a bracket kit yet for the 1366 that would work with that).

If you opt for a nice big case, get the CoolerMaster HAF 932 (Tiger has it). It will be more than enough for the needs of that Setup.

Secondly going with a 1.6kW powersupply is more than Overkill, its insane !!!!
(Don't worry I'm not being harsh lol, just my eyes went wide seeing that size of PS).

Now, I know there are people on this Website who run a really good Core i7 setup on 620w Powersupplies. So, for that I suggest going down a little to a Ultra 850w Modular PS.

As for Liquid Cooling it, If you can't get the supplies from Anywhere but Tiger, go Air on that Case. The Thermaltake (thanks to HWC BTW for setting me straight) Bigwater series anything is frought with flaws. Anyone else here as well would recommend a Swiftech Setup Instead which you can get from NCIX.

I'll leave anything else I ommited to the great help that exists here.

Good Luck man,


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