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Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
nice to see some AMD is a blast from the past. not quite the Phenom range but damn close and not bad for a processor a good bit more 'experienced'...

Operton 146 (socket 939 baby!)
DFI Ultra-D (a legend among legends)
OCZ PC-5000 ELPE (the best TCC5/TCCD ever released to the public)
if memory serves me right, i had a waterblock on the CPU and the rad in a bucket of ice water...ghetto old school clocking. it isn't about having the best hardware always...just having fun with what you got

i still remember drooling with that memory, 313MHz 2.5-3-3-5...pure hotness
Very nice!

That was some awesome TCCD. I could never quite break 310MHz at 2.5-4-4 timings on my Platinum Rev2s IIRC. I've got an old screenie of my Opteron 148 that I'll post later tonight
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