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Default Need some help.

Hey guys;

I'm planning to mod a CM stacker STC-T01 I bought a couple of weeks ago to fit 2 x 120mm fans on the top, 3 x 120mm on the front (turbine mod, without fiberglass) here an example of a turbine mod:

techPowerUp! :: Case Gallery : Antec 900 Turbine

Now imagine that x 3

Anyway, to do this I'm going to need a few things I was able to find at casemodstore and this is what they have I would need:

1. UChannel
2. FanDuct
3. MnpctechBilletFanGrill (for top fans)
4. FanGrommet

Would anyone know if these can be found at a Canadian retailer? I'm pretty sure the fan grills can't be found since they're custom, so don't worry about them.

Also, what's the standard 120mm fan screw size? I need to know this because I'll need longer screws for the turbine mod. (They'll be used to fit an aluminum sheet, fan, fan filter, 4-in-3 device module)
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