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Originally Posted by joeyh View Post
1) Is there anyway to do both at the same time or would i need a tv tuner? I don't want to record tv to my hard drive and still record to my shaw box.

2) If i do need a tv tuner card, would the picture quality be as good as having my tv not connected to pc.
1. If your TV supports PIP (picture in picture), then you could possible do this without a TV tuner card. This would basically overly a box ontop of your PC input with the TV input. Not the most ideal though since it would completely cover whatever is on your PC screen in that section.

2. If you get a TV card, I think your going to loose some quality since your taking the digital feed from Shaw into their box which makes an analog connection (assuming your not using HDMI) and then you'd be taking that and converting it back into digital using the TV tuner card. However I haven't used TV tuner cards in ages so perhaps they are better now.
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