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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
So tonight I bit the bullet and ordered another GTZ adapter plate- this time from Frozen CPU along with a bunch of cable sleeving and heatshrink. It wasn't 60 seconds from the time I hit 'confirn' to teh time I got a phone call from them checking to see if my order and payment went through ok and to ask if I had any questions- nice service! This time I payed an additional $12 to get the EVEN FASTER shipping so hopefully I'll see it during the week next week.

But as we all know, ordering a second adapter is the no-fail way of ensuring that my original order shows up on monday- oh well- wil be a back plate for sale on the FS threads next week if it does.

I also comitted a baddy and picked up a Silverstone tj-07 for a good price along with the EK multioption reservoir 250.

So it looks like I'll bve waiting until that comes in to do the build anyway. I've always wanted one of these cases.
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