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My definition of a modular case differs slightly from the empty boxes that mountain mods calls a case. I've put many hundreds of hands on hours into my case development... and I hope it shows.

Rico from Watercool told me today that my PrometheusCU edition Heatkiller rev3.0 was shipped and is on it's way to me.
I also had Rico send me some pics of his shop...

First up, here's the link to the watercool website:
*click for link*

the Watercool workshop - Rico's left the captions up to me because he says his English isn't very good.

Outside the shop:

What looks to be a couple of 5-axis CNC mills - some very impressive equipment for the machinist among us. You can see a bunch of what look to be GTX280 waterblocks in the bins:

This looks like some delrin Heatkiller 3.0 tops.

A bigass bending break, a piece of equipment that I REALLY REALLY want.

A hydraulic drop saw, cutting what looks to be delrin slabs for waterblock tops:

A CNC lathe... another bit I'd kill to own:

A MASSIVE CNC metal stamping punch making waterblock details, and mounts:

To be recycled scrap metal and shavings:

Some of you asked for some interior shots of the Heatkiller 3.0 did a quickie review of the block and took pics of the inside:

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