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Great article, nice to see something balanced rather than a rant either for or against.

As for the Steam issue, yes the prices they charge are ridiculous especially for non-US. Take for example Australia, when CoD4 launched on Steam it was $50 US at the time this equated to $65 AUD which resulted in a $30 saving over the RRP $95 AUD (yes we get ripped off on every game). This lasted for about a week until somebody pointed this out to Valve (see retail *cough* eb) and they promptly raised the price to match retail!

Yes it is a great service in terms of ease and functionality however its pricing as a result I believe is a major factor in increasing piracy. If the games were offered at 20-25% less than retail (which is fair imo) this would have a significant impact on piracy rates specifically with single player games which obviously suffer the worst at the moment.
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