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Default UPDATE (pics)

As requested here are the pics so far, none of case yet since i don't have room at the moment to take it out. But look up the Antec TX1050B to see it.

First up, what i think is the coolest looking part my GPU sink the DD Tyee

Top of Tyee

Bottom of Tyee

Box the Tyee came in

next we have the D-Tek Fuzion

Box the Fuzion Came in

Top of Fuzion with retention plate

Top of Fuzion

Bottom of Fuzion (shiny)

Close up of barbs

Now we have the rad :) The thermochill is a real beauty.

Full Frontage Nudity :)

Side Shot

and finally the blood veins of water cooling the tubing

10ft of 1/2 clear flex 60 :)

Unfortunately i have a lanparty this weekend so i won't be getting much done till that is over. And if all goes well i should be starting up next Monday if not, well it could be a while.

Thats all for now, ciao.
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