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My experience is that a fan like antec spot cool does the job on the North bridge, at least for my P6T, southbridge is no issue with somekind of air movement in the case. So unless you like the Mobo watercooling for the fun fator, it does not seem to be needed, in the Asus case anyway. All this is for a 24/7 type of use, for benching and crazy voltage, the answer would be different.

My PA 120.3 is cooling the CPU I7 @ 4.1 and a GTX280 quite well. So I would guess, 2 GTX280 on a 120.2 + 120.1 is more than enough.

A 120.2 on a overclocked i7 will do the trick.
I used to have my ''gettho'' mounted d-tek V1 on an MCR220 with two fans keeping the Fully Boinc Loaded i7 under 70C. A PA120.2 with 4 fan should do a couple of degrees better and my mouting was far from being the best.

EDIT : nija'd by MPG.... I agree, add the Northbridge and wathever to your GPU or even the CPU Loop and you wont see a difference.

And unless the GTX285 prove to be better clock for clock I would jump on the current and upcoming special for the 65MN version,

Sold hardware again.....
Currently using WHS hardware....
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