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Thank you very much jak3.
I have several plans for dust.
1st - electrostatic approach - I have an idea to charge the entire case with a positive static charge making it naturally repel dust (of course precautions will be taken to protect the hardware).
2nd - pressure approach - I have more air flowing into the case than there is air flowing out. Creating a high pressure zone inside the chassis - this positive pressure will naturally reduce the dust that will get inside.
3rd - traditional approach - dust filters over the fan intakes.

As for my cases - they will be made from Carbon Fiber, and Radiant Acrylic.... and they'll look DAMN cool. They are designed to be very modular and I'll be providing dozens of interchangeable pieces so you can make a case to suite your needs. My favorite part: no hardware (no bolts, nuts, screws, etc) each piece fits together with the others in a very Japanese fashion, the parts are like a puzzle that holds itself together once assembled.

I'm not releasing details yet on the design specifics for the exact reason you stated. Price will be compete with the high end aluminum chassis available from Lian-Li/Cooler Master/Silverstone/etc.
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