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Default Linux support

Originally Posted by Deathspawner View Post
[...]Also, you didn't mention the chipset used... is it still relying on the CMI8788? I'd love to know, since I use Linux and sometimes can get left out in the dark when it comes to brand-new audio cards. That also leads me to wonder if I could even take advantage of the amp control under Linux. I'm lead to believe no, but even with "stock" settings, I'd imagine this would be a real treat to use.[...]
It's not supported by the current version of ALSA (1.0.18a); however, considering it uses the same DSP as the supported DX and D1 it might partially work. The rest of the Xonar line is supported, so there's a good chance support for this card will be added soon.

Matrix:Vendor-Asus - AlsaProject

The Asus AV100 and AV200 are both relabeled CMI8788 (Oxygen HD) chips, as far as I can tell the only difference is DTS encoding (supported by AV200 but not AV100).
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