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Default Wish list

This card would be perfect for me, and as it happens I've been looking for something better my motherboard's integrated audio.

I spend alot of time listening to music and playing games on my computer, and I'm becoming a head phone nut... My current headphones are Beyerdynamic DT660's which have ~30 Ohm impedance and thus no need for an amplifier; however, I'd like to experiment with higher end headphones in the future. And as a headphone user I'd rather pay for a single great DAC (stereo) rather than 4 good DAC's (7.1 channel surround).

I wish Asus would use the Burr Brown PCM1792 DAC (132Db SNR, $14.55) rather than the PCM1792A (127Db SNR, $13.35). Or even make the DAC swappable like the opamps are. On a card obviously aiming to provide the best stereo quality, saving $1.20 on the DAC just doesn't make sense - for comparison the "second best" Xonar D2 uses four Burr Brown PCM1796 DAC's (123Db SNR, $3.70 each).
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